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Passion Cookbook, packed with organic, vegan recipes

Anthea Amore's bestselling cookbook has 217 pages of deliciousness and over 100 recipes. Some of the recipes you might love include Pumpkin, Coconut & Kaffir Lime Soup, Choc Berry Chocolicious, Rich Chocolate Cheesecake with Rosella & Ginger Jam and so many more. Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. 

Anthea Amore and her husband, Casper, are passionate about a few things, two of which are cooking and veganism. Anthea is an event planner and regularly caters for events. She also wrote the bestselling book, Passion three years ago. It is filled with vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they are achievable for the average cook. She has just released the book Hungry and you'll feel literally that just looking at the pictures.