You Won't F*ck It Up by Domenic Nesci

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A no-nonsense, empowering guide for novice and experienced homebuyers and investors with a powerful message: buying property doesn't have to be hard.




Whether you want to buy your own home or an investment property, it's easy to overcomplicate, overthink and be intimidated by the process - especially in the current market.



For so many young people becoming a property owner can seem completely impossible. But here's the secret: buying property is actually easier than you think.



Over a decade working in the industry, Domenic Nesci has bought and sold more than a billion dollars' worth of real estate and has a multimillion-dollar property portfolio in his mid-30s. He's seen how it's done, has done it himself and is here to show you how.



Outlining seven specific investment strategies and packed with friendly, practical and realistic advice, Dom's novel approach to property investing begins with the big picture.



Taking you through the economic environment, government policy and general market sentiment, he then focuses on how to find areas where there is investment in infrastructure, low rates of unemployment and plenty of property on the market.



Only then are you asked to take a micro view and consider:


* which type of property?


* what appeals to the locals in this area?


* what are your investment goals in terms of growth and cash flow?



Down to earth, easy to read and packed with need-to-know strategies, You Won't F*ck It Up takes away the intimidation and reveals how you can become a property owner and investor.