A Year in Collage mm365 by Cathryn Lloyd

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A Year in Collage mm365 by Cathryn Lloyd

Cathryn Lloyd Exhibition showing until Sunday 2nd July

Artist Cathryn Lloyd’s journey to reconnect with her own creative practice is an inspiration for others to do the same…

By Meg Rowe

At the beginning of 2022 Cathryn Lloyd decided to reconnect with her art practice by creating, and writing about, an artwork a day for a year. The body of work that resulted from Cathryn’s personal journey has serendipitously evolved into a stunning exhibition, which is making deep connections with those who view it.
Cathryn has been blown away by the response to her exhibition. “It has been overwhelming how positive people feel towards it. The comments have been really affirming…the word inspiring comes out a lot!”
“Everyone can relate in some way or another to the work itself and/or the stories behind them. The exhibition is really resonating for people.”

Inspiring and supporting others to unlock their creative potential is Cathryn’s passion. From the beginning of her journey, she invited people to join her via social media on her year’s creative commitment. Through her practice she aims to encourage others to think about themselves and what they do in different ways.
“We are all artistic” she says, “We all have an aesthetic that we are drawn to express ourselves with. We might not necessarily be creating art in the traditional sense, but we can be artful in our lives, whether it be personally or professionally, the undertone is always exploring the creativity of who we are.”

Cathryn’s exhibition at Scrumptious Reads Gallery will be showing until Sunday 2nd July. Drop in for your dose of creative inspiration and pick up one of Cathryn’s gorgeous artworks, either as an original or a print in a choice of four sizes.

You can also purchase a copy of Cathryn’s interactive creativity journal, Seriously Playful Creativity, from the Scrumptious Reads Books Shop.

Community praise for Cathryn’s Exhibition

“I feel that your exhibition is bridging creativity and public art - making it          accessible.”

“You’ve given us a gift to the community.”

“It’s joyous.”

“Everything is in your artwork…books, family, music, nature, friends.”

“Cathryn’s commitment and dedication is very inspiring.”

“You are giving us an invitation to think about things through your lens, which actually is our own.”

Cathryn Lloyd is a mixed media artist and creativity coach.
Connect with Cathryn @maverickminds1

Meg Rowe is a writer and teacher.
Connect with Meg @megrowe_writer

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