Fast and Easy Indian Cooking by Janie Turner

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Fast and Easy Indian Cooking is the bestselling collection of 124 Indian recipes which brings together the Thermomix® expertise of Janie Turner and Rosie Laljee’s lifelong passion for Indian cuisine. From baltis to bhajees, from chutneys to chapatis, you will find within this superb recipe treasure a feast of authentic Indian cooking.

This gorgeous book captures the rich diversity, exciting flavours and exotic taste sensations offered by the many food cultures of the vast Indian subcontinent.

With each recipe, the authors Janie Turner and Rosie Laljee share their boundless passion and in-depth knowledge of Indian cuisine. Their treasured recipes will take you on a culinary journey of discovery, enabling you to experience the wonders of authentic Indian cooking.

Having sold over 40,000 copies, the first edition of Fast and Easy Indian Cooking published in 2009 for TM31 became a worldwide favourite, offering cooks an inspiring reference book with recipes ranging from everyday Indian dishes to sensational Indian feasts.

Now comprehensively updated for the Thermomix® TM5/TM6 as well as TM31, this new edition captures another ten years of the authors’ exploration of Indian food and their love of sharing their extensive knowledge with cooks everywhere.