Traitor's Tail : Pie Rats Series

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Four new apprentices. Four weeks at sea. One enormous secret. When the good ship Apple Pie is captured by Tasmaniac Devils, sworn enemies Dart the Dragon Slayer and Anna Bravetail must put aside their differences to plan an escape. But will they abandon their ship with a mysterious box hidden aboard? From the award-winning author of Pie Rats comes the explosive second series. Traitor’s Tail is the first installment in the Platinum Pie Rat series for children age 8+. Fast moving passages of text take the reader on a treasure hunt of a lifetime where danger and humour intertwine in true pirate fashion with all the quirks of the Pie Rats. Maps, clues, riddles, diagrams and character sketches bring the story to life. Woven throughout the witty text and engaging illustrations, are messages of resilience, appreciating uniqueness and strengths, looking out for others, and embracing new experiences.