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Coptic bookbinding workshop – Sunday 30th September, Scrumptious Reads


Class type:

Coptic bookbinding – we will be making two A6-sized books on the day, the first is intended as a ‘practice’ run to help you get the hang of the sewing technique, and the second book will be more ‘finished’ (and will also help solidify the technique in your memory!) and can include all sorts of interesting papers within its design.


Sunday 30th September 2018


$140 pp (includes lunch box, snacks & beverages)

Length of class:

Approx 4 hours

For Bookings:

call: 0400 110 899 or email: events@scrumptiousreads.com

What’s included and what you’ll take home:

All bookbinding materials, templates, and instructions are provided and you’ll be able to take these home with you along with your two handmade books.


WHAT TO BRING - Coptic bookbinding workshop


Tools to bring:

- a cutting mat (A3 sized is ideal)

- a steel ruler

- a craft knife (a good Stanley knife with snap-able blade is ideal)     

- scissors

- a sharp pencil


Specialty tools to bring if you can:

- an awl (sharp pointed tool for poking holes in the boards/paper – can be purchased at sewing stores such as Lincraft or Spotlight)

- a bone folder (for making nice sharp folded pages – can be purchased from art stores such as Eckersleys and sometimes even Riot)


Materials to bring if you'd like:

- interesting papers to feature inside your books (minimum size: A5 landscape)

i.e. coloured, patterned, textured, translucent, handmade or vintage papers, etc


Materials I'll be providing:

- 2mm board (already cut to size) for the covers

- choice of upcycled leathers or coloured mat-board for the covers, for your second book

- waxed linen bookbinding thread, in a wide variety of colours

- sewing needles

- white recycled paper (however, I do encourage you to bring along your own found/recycled papers too, if you'd like)

- an assortment of 'found' and vintage papers that you are welcome to use for binding into your books (inc old storybook pages, map/atlas paper, vintage sheet music, etc)


*** Please note:  I will have all the tools available for borrowing on the day if you need them ***