A Beginner's Guide to Colored Pencil Drawing: Realistic Drawings in 14 Easy Lessons!

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Learn to create vividly realistic coloured pencil drawings in just a few lessons!

A Beginner's Guide to Colored Pencil Drawing provides instructions for creating brilliantly realistic drawings featuring rich shadows, bright highlights, smooth gradients, and glowing colors. Learn at your own pace over the course of 14 easy-to-follow lessons!

This complete all-in-one guide starts with the basics--drawing lines, adding colors, drawing shapes and creating gradations. Then, it provides a series of detailed lessons teaching you how to draw colorful, everyday objects, such as:

  • Food items like burgers, breakfasts, cookies, pickles, tarts, melons, apples, asparagus and cocktails
  • Flowers & plants such as hydrangeas, succulents, roses and carnations
  • Household items like silverware, bottles, toys, handkerchiefs, gemstones and dolls
  • A variety of animals including parakeets, kittens and dogs

Faber-Castell colour codes are provided so you can faithfully reproduce the drawings illustrated in this book. Tear-out practice sheets with outlines are included so you can dive right in and try your hand at drawing these objects yourself.

This book has everything you need to master a dynamic art that is affordable and satisfying. Take the 14 lessons in 14 days, like a crash course in coloured pencil mastery – or take your time. Coloured pencils are a favorite medium of hobbyists and increasingly embraced by fine artists as well!