Eating In Shanghai

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Prepare to enter Shanghai's vibrant food and drink scene! As a lively metropolis Shanghai is home to an ever-evolving gourmet industry. Readers will tour the trendiest venues across this dynamic city, and gain a wider appreciation of the unique cultural histories behind signature dishes and beverages, which are often influenced by regional Chinese cuisine. Interesting anecdotes from Chinese history make this more than just a foodie-book. Many of the stories combine practical recipes with cultural content, while others give the readers clear guidance for sampling the tastiest food in Shanghai. The book also features first-hand restaurant reviews about the multinational food scene in Shanghai, including a world-famous restaurant which spread its wings to find a new home in this remarkable city. AUTHOR: As a member of Shanghai United Media Group, Shanghai Daily was launched on 1 October 1999. It is the oldest local English-language daily newspaper on the Chinese mainland, and the primary source of information for English readers in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta Region.