Assumed Identities by Stephen Donnelly

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Successful performance in the theatre of life requires convincing role play. This is difficult as the script is fast and loose. Improvisation is the key. We must all assume various character identites to meet requirements.

Our collective performance creates what we know as reality. Jack King plays a role of a police officer in the Queensland Police Service. He swore an oath to serve his community, but the justice system is far from perfect. Jack decides to play another role and secretly use his advanced technical know-how to help balance the scales of justice. Most assume is just 'lucky.'

Jack then trains as a covert operative and heads deep undercover into the dark violet world of an outlaw motorcycle gang supplying explosives and automatic weapons to extremists. The covert police operation is mired by corruption.

Jack attempts to use his own brand of luck, but he is up against cunning and dangerous identites. Nothing is a sit seems, and nobody can be trusted. He is now roleplaying with many lives at stake and time running out fast.