Balinese Architecture

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Balinese-style villas and resorts are popping up everywhere, from Ibiza to St. Barts to Singapore.

In this comprehensive guide, author Julian Davison explores the intricacies of the architecture and the reasons for its global popularity. You'll learn why innovative international architects have been designing Bali-inspired resorts and villas for decades, drawing their inspiration from a rich vernacular tradition.

The thirty chapters in this book cover dozens of topics like:

  • Architecture and Social Status
  • The Balinese Village
  • Sacred Rice and Subak Temples
  • Contemporary Hotels and Resorts
  • Gardens and Water Features
  • And many more!

This one-of-a-kind book features detailed information on building materials, construction techniques and intricate traditional ornamentation. Over 200 photographs and watercolor illustrations provide a clear picture of the island's architecture and an eye-opening look at a culture that has captivated the world's imagination for over a century.