Blackwing Graphite Pencils 12 Pack Volume 57

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Experience the powerful, expressive work of legendary graffiti artist and painter Jean-Michel Basquiat with Blackwing's Volume 57 Pencil Set, which showcases one of Basquiat's skull designs and his iconic crown motif.

Taking its name from the street address of the NYC apartment where Basquiat lived up until his death in 1988 (57 Great Jones St), the Volume 57 Pencil Set captures the iconic artist's distinctive approach, featuring the unpredictable lines and bold uses of colour that gave his work a restless energy that writer Miranda Sawyer described as a "chaotic, musical sensibility".

The Volume 57 Pencil Set features one of Basquiat's instantly-recognisable skull designs across the box and the pencil bodies, with a crown icon on the gold ferrule adding a final, perfect detail. The Volume 57 Pencils also sport Blackwing's soft graphite core, which is best-suited to drawing, so you can channel your inspiration through the pencils directly onto the page.