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Book lovers know the impact books have on our lives – they shape our perspective and evolve how we see the world, especially when they are a story worth capturing. This title captures the stories important to us like a photo album, a record of the places travelled between the pages. Not just a sentimental record, this title is designed with memory in mind – the layouts and prompts align to principles of memory retention so your latest reads are more likely to stay top of mind. Each prompt connects each entry and each book back to a personal moment in the reader's life. Through this, this title weaves a story between what was happening and what was being read. Threading memories in this way enhances memory retention through deeper bridges of association. Also included in the book are prompts and ideas to help you get more out of books, five milestone pages with room for extra reflection to look back on a period of reading, space to record the books you want to read next and a spot to keep track of the books that you’ve lent.