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Go beyond the big screen and explore the real places that inspired some of the greatest films of all time - brought to life through comprehensively researched text and stunning hand-drawn artwork.

Travel journalist Sarah Baxter reveals 25 essential cinematic destinations around the globe, spanning different decades, directors and movie genres. Full-page colour illustrations instantly transport you to each location. You'll find that these places are not just backdrops to the tales told, but characters in their own right.

Travel to the sweeping deserts of Lawrence of Arabia in Jordan, escape to the tumbling hills of San Francisco as seen in Hitchcock's Vertigo or lose yourself in the cobbled lanes of In Bruges.

Featured locations:

London, England, Paddington
Wells, England, Hot Fuzz
Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, The Wicker Man
Belchite & the Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain, Pan's Labyrinth
Montmartre, Paris, France, Amelie
Bruges, Belgium, In Bruges
Goerlitz, Germany, The Grand Budapest Hotel
Faroe, Sweden, Persona
Salzburg, Austria, The Sound of Music
Rome, Italy, La Dolce Vita
Matmata & Tozeur, Tunisia, Star Wars: A New Hope
Wadi Rum, Jordan, Lawrence of Arabia
Mumbai, India, The Lunchbox
Hong Kong, China, Enter the Dragon
Seoul, South Korea, Parasite
Tokyo, Japan, Lost in Translation
Outback, Australia, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Karekare Beach, New Zealand, The Piano
Alberta, Canada, The Revenant
Philadelphia, USA, Rocky
San Francisco, USA, Vertigo
Brooklyn, New York, USA, Do the Right Thing
Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah, USA, Thelma & Louise
Jamaica, Dr No
Cusco & Machu Picchu, Peru, The Motorcycle Diaries

Delve into this book to discover some of the world's most fascinating cinematic places and the films that celebrate them.