Cranky Frankie and the Oceans of Trash

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The focus of this story is on marine debris, which now impacts all marine and coastal habitats around the world. Our marine wildlife is also impacted by marine debris and plastic pollution through ingestion, entanglement, habitat changes and bioaccumulation, with marine debris entanglement now an internationally recognised threat. As this story is told through the eyes of Frankie the fish the readers will see the far-reaching impacts of marine debris on our oceans and wildlife as she swims through the oceans from the shallows, to the reef to the open ocean. As marine debris doesn't just appear out of nowhere, it is more important than ever to educate our future ocean stewards (our children) about the impacts of marine debris.

Through the art of marine science this story will help children to be more aware of the types of marine debris and the impacts to sea creatures, along with everyday solutions to help rid our oceans of trash. Education and awareness through storytelling is a powerful way of engaging with children and their readers (eg. teachers, parents, grandparents, family, friends etc) as only through positive storytelling with solutions can we hope to change behaviours. Based on the latest marine science the last page of the story is dedicated to the science of marine debris, which is explained in terms early readers can understand and teachers can use as part of their classroom discussions and learning activities.