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There is a new cookbook in town. Not just another. This one has the longest recipe to make. Not challenging enough? Edible art and music is possible. Your dinner will become an unforgettable experience for your guests even before you start eating. Your meals won t be a still life painting on a table anymore or a cooking tv show to impress your friends. And its not just the simple how to bake a carrot cake, it s a totally new and different one. Groundbreaking in its content. The Creative Chef takes us in his world of creativity and cooking and helps us to make our lives more beautiful when cooking for others. Do you know how to make music out of chocolate? Which scents go well with Russian Vodka and which stories go well with mushrooms? The innovation in your capacities as a chef doesn t come only with new ingredients and presentation but mostly through these stories that will change not only the way you cook but also how to be inspired by the interconnection of food with everything around you. It s not so much about cooking and recipes, but more about creating an amazing eating experience. It's full of tips, ideas, and instructions for activities and presentation on and around the dinner table and magic to turn your dinner party into an amazing food experience. You have to have this unique and groundbreaking cookbook, you dig? Don t stop playing with your food!