Dine Like a Dragon: The Complete Chinese Cookbook by Ziyi Cheng

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Master Chinese Cooking with 999 Legendary Recipes
Chinese food requires no introduction. It is some of the most popular and commonly available food, regardless of where you live. Chinese food is diverse, and tastes absolutely amazing. All you need is fire and a stove to cook most of the recipes, and they don’t take much time either. Delicious, easy, and quick- Chinese food is a must-have in the arsenal of any cook.
Dine Like a Dragon: The Complete Chinese Cookbook offers:
  • All the basic information you will need to get started with Chinese cooking
  • 22 Chinese Marinades and Condiments
  • 36 Chinese appetizer Recipes
  • 40 Chinese Soup Recipes
  • 24 Chinese Sauce Recipes
  • 21 Chinese Dips and Dressings
  • 25 Chinese Salad Recipes
  • 174 Chinese Chicken, Turkey, and Duck Recipes
  • 167 Chinese Seafood Recipes
  • 90 Chinese Beef Recipes
  • 100 Chinese Pork Recipes
  • 28 Chinese Lamb Recipes
  • 25 Chinese Egg Recipes
  • 31 Chinese Rice Recipes
  • 26 Chinese Noodle Recipes
  • 102 Chinese Vegetable Recipes
  • 16 Chinese Tofu Recipes
  • 35 Chinese Dessert, cake, and confectionery Recipes
  • 15 Chinese Teas, Pickles, and Other Preserves