Eri Yamaguchi Postcards set of 6 / Japanese Food Vans - Oishii Nekollection

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Japanese Food Vans - Oishii Nekollection / A6 postcards set of 6
Original Medium: Pen and Ink

- Description about Artwork -
Title: 焼き鳥屋 Vender de Yakitor / pic 1
Have you tried Yakitori Japanese skewered chicken?! It’s delicious sweetened soy flavoured chicken grilled over charcoal. Many Japanese people enjoy Yakitori over sake and other drinks. I enjoy sitting at the counter and watching the chef cook in front of you.

Title: Everyone loves Ramen at MENYA / pic 2
I already created RaKoMo Ramen Cat Monster which has been really popular. But I had to do another Ramen vendor one for Oishii Nekollection.
As you know Ramen is Japanese noodle soup and became so popular over years.
Since my uncle owned a Ramen shop in my hometown and grew up eating, it’s been just a regular meal option for me. But I feel like it’s a special meal in AUS!?
They’re so much more than just noodle.

Title: おでん🍢とともに Oden to tomoni / pic 3
I illustrated friends gathering and enjoying catching up over Oden.
Many people stop by at Yatai which is a food vendor after work in Japan.

Title: 夏と言ったらかき氷 - Feel like Kakigori (shaved ice) / pic 4
Did you grow up having a shaving ice machine at home?! I feel like it’s common to have it in japan and enjoy Kakigori during the summer season.
Pouring fruity syrup onto shaved ice, strawberry + condensed milk combination was my ultimate favourite!!!

Title: お猫の寿司屋 - Cat Sushi Bar / pic 5
Love love love Sushi❤️
I think my favourite Neta (topping) is Ikura (red caviar)。 One of my dreams is travelling to Hokkaido North Island in Japan and eat an Ikura-don until I have a food coma😆 Every time when we order mixed sushi plate, I use to swap my tuna or scallop to Ikura with my parents.

Do you know the meaning of the word SUSHI?!
It means sour rice since Sushi rice is marinated with sweet vinegar before being served.
The difference between Sushi and Sashimi is with rice or without.
Sashimi is basically thin sliced raw seafood. It is common to be served with Daikon radish in Japan.

Title: たこ焼きの道くさ Takoyaki no Michikusa - Let’s have some Takoyaki before heading home / pic 6
Featuring Japanese street food Takoyaki Octopus balls.
道くさ(Michikusa) means wandering around or stopping by somewhere spontaneously before heading to the destination.
Kids tend to Michikusa since they just wanna keep playing with friends and don’t like to go home.

- A6 size
- 16–17pt paper thickness
- premium matte paper with a coating on one sides