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The voice of regional Australia.

At a hefty 176 pages and centred around the theme of ‘Home’, Galah Issue 8 makes the perfect Christmas gift. The issue is full of beautiful images, gardens, recipes and feel-good tales of community to be gifted, read, revisited and shared with loved ones over the summer holidays. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in Issue 08, where we:

  • Open the door to Australia’s finest regional architecture
  • Talk history and horticulture with seventh-generation gardeners
  • Solve the regional housing crisis – one idea at a time
  • Take the plunge with underwater art photographer Tamara Dean
  • Tackle the critical issue of food security with Gabrielle Chan
  • Do the pipi dance at dawn with shellfish harvesters
  • Remember the indomitable novelist Miles Franklin
  • Watch Kakadu sculptors conjure a cockatoo from the bush
  • Play houses with a dollhouse miniaturist
  • Witness the energy of Iwantja artists in central Australia
  • Plant for colour and movement on the Mornington Peninsula
  • Ice the drinks, cook the chook and come for lunch

Printed in Australia