Genius : Amelia Earhart

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A series of illustrated books specifically designed for children in elementary education, narrating the stories of those great historical figures who have left their mark on humanity in fields such as science, art, exploration, music, and other subjects.

Young readers will be able to read all about these famous people's main achievements, experiencing the main steps of their lives through Isabel Munoz's engaging illustrations, and finding out some curious facts about their work and success. In the new volumes of the series, children will be fascinated by the genial personality and great skills of Raphael, the incredible discoveries about Physics and Biology made by Isaac Newton and Louis Pasteur, the major accomplishments in the history of flight by Amelia Earhart, and the important place Ella Fitzgerald had in the history of jazz music.

There is a timeline at the end of each volume listing the main biographical events and some simple quizzes will help children to further understand and test their knowledge.