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Bringing the mystery of metamorphosis to life, Grub is sure to delight insect-loving young readers with its realistic illustrations, gentle humour, and surprise ending.

On the floor of the rainforest, far below the tree canopy, a small grub has a big question. Sensing that his body is about to change, he wonders what he will become, so he turns to his friends for answers. The ladybird, the cicada, the dragonfly and the monarch butterfly all describe what they looked like before they changed - and none looked like the grub. Eventually, the grub begins to change - and his transformation is spectacular!

With realistic illustrations, vivid detail and gentle humour, Grub brings the habitat and life cycle of the Hercules beetle, and other insects that undergo metamorphosis, to life. The final reveal is sure to send young readers on a journey of discovery to learn more about the amazing Hercules beetle - one of the world's largest - with its giant pincers.