HEAT: Series 3, Number 13

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HEAT 13, the first issue for 2024, brings together writers who make the sensory world their subject. Tom Carment observes the quotidian pleasures of camping and painting in an essay about Corny Point in South Australia. In fiction, James Salvius Cheng’s story ‘The Cook’ details the ritualistic nature of cooking and eating with visceral precision. The narrator in Anna Poletti’s ‘The New Violence’ explores the revelatory world of kink and the language of domination in a story drawn from her forthcoming novel. Poet Michael Farrell reflects on a love-hate relationship with birds in his story, ‘Thinking About Ornithophobia’. And the Danish poet Marianne Larsen, translated by Sophia Hersi Smith and Jennnifer Russell, shares a minimalist sequence marked by dreamlike juxtapositions. Plus: the late Beverley Farmer’s newly discovered haikus of autumn.