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The Black Box - A deep, deep dive into a mind-bending signature dish.

Since its inception in late 2018, the mysterious Black Box has been the dramatic finale to every one of Chef Peter Gunn’s 10-course degustation dinners at his Collingwood restaurant Ides, and for very good reason. A featureless, jet black cube of ash black chocolate on the outside houses a shifting trove of treasured tastes so technically terrifying those poor MasterChef contestants are probably still having nightmares.

But what goes into the making of a stunning signature like this? Where does the initial inspiration come from? And what exactly are the intricacies of gastronomical flux and flow, warp and weft needed to transform that original idea into final ‘finished’ form? This little book aims to find out, as we make like Pandora and lift the lid on each and every aspect and element of this most curious of culinary cuboids. So… we guess that just begs one question. Who’s up for coming down, down, down this particular rabbit hole with us?