In Search of the Castaways

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A message in a bottle launches a quest for the recovery of shipwrecked crew in this Jules Verne classic—now with an arresting new look!

When Lord and Lady Glenarvan catch a shark during a sailing trip, they are surprised to find a message in a bottle within its belly, sent by Captain Grant of the shipwrecked Britannia. Unfortunately, the water-damaged note is mostly unreadable, giving any would-be rescuers only a latitude and no longitude to work with.

Eager to help the castaways, the couple urges the British government to launch a rescue expedition but are refused. So they take it upon themselves to search for Grant with the help of Mary and Robert—Captain Grant’s children—and the crew of the Duncan. Thus, the group sets off, determined to find the shipwrecked crew, even if it means sailing across the entire thirty-seventh latitude—and facing whatever dangers lie in their path.