Infinity House: An Endless View

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There's something especially beautiful about being able to look to the full expanse of a horizon, something that speaks to the most ancient part of our soul. With the continuing build up of our surroundings, that precious ability to gaze into the unfettered distance is one we all appreciate and savour.

This stunning edition showcases incredible houses in simply amazing locations, where the architect has rightly championed the accessibility to the endless views. Lavishly illustrated with full-colour images of award-winning architecture, this compilation draws you in through its winning designs, but its the glorious and enticing images of the vast horizon that will capture your imagination.

We may all not be lucky enough to inhabit an eye-catching designer home with views to die for, but at least we can all share the beauty through these breathtakingly evocative images. Truly a book in which to lose yourself. 

Stunning images showcase houses from across the globe - including South Africa, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Greece, and more each with a stupendous view . Includes more than 30 modern designer houses by award-winning and high-profile architects .

A superb book with astounding images to which you will return again and again