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Learn to make the very best Italian cookies, pastries, and cakes in your very own home with this dessert class in a book--created by Italy's premier cooking magazine!

A delicious dessert is the perfect sweet ending to a meal and no one knows how to create those treats like the Italians. With the help of these recipes, step-by-step photographs, and clear instructions from culinary magazine Alice Cucina, it's easy to create delicacies for every occasion, from breakfast pastries to yummy snacks to birthday and holiday cakes.

You'll learn all the basics, including how to prepare puff pastry, shortbread, and brioche, before exploring classics like Wine and Anise Donuts, Blackberry Cheesecake, and Tiramisu with Mascarpone and Espresso; smaller bites such as Cream Puffs (Bigne) with Chocolate Mousseline and Coconut and Almond Cakes with Strawberry Compote; and beautifully plated dishes, including a Coconut and Mango Chiffon Cake, a Pavlova with Rose Cream and Plum, and a Semifreddo Truffle with Cocoa and Hazelnuts.