Jojo And The Food Fight

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When a food fight frenzy erupts in the jungle, a little elephant named Jojo hatches a silly plan to help all the angry animals become friends again. With quirky illustrations by Nathalie Dieterle, this hilarious addition to Barefoot Books' praised collection of social-emotional books makes for a fresh, charming introduction to conflict resolution, sharing, and empathy.

AGES: 3 to 7

Hard Cover

AUTHOR: Didier Levy began his career as a journalist, before devoting himself full time to children's literature. He has published more than a hundred books and lives in Paris. 

FRIENDSHIP & CONFLICT RESOLUTION: The relatable story reminds children that friends might fight sometimes, but that these conflicts can be resolved. The charming artwork by Nathalie Dieterle is packed with quirky animal characters, flying fruit and other colourful details, offering children something new and fun to spot with each read.

Silly animal antics abound in this humorous book with an irresistible food fight premise and endless kid appeal.