Korean Cuisine: An Illustrated Guide

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Recipes and stories to learn all about Korea's food culture. Recipes, anecdotes, histories and stories, maps, techniques, stylings, utensils, native ingredients -- this is a colourful invitation to discover the look and aromas and flavours of Korea. What is the "five colour philosophy"? What is Korean table etiquette? How do you make kimchi, region by region? What do you find in traditional markets, and in contemporary restaurants? How do you make Bibimbap? Are there North Korean specialties? (The answer is yes!). Do Koreans traditionally eat dessert? (The answer is no!).

The answers to these questions and many, many more can be found in this charmingly illustrated book. You'll learn about Korean meal composition, tableware and utensils, staples, condiments and sauces, everyday dishes, famous Korean fermented foods, doughs and noodles, celebratory party dishes, pork and chicken vs. seafood, temple foods and "lucky" foods - it's all here in a compact text enlivened by colour illustrations. The design is warm, easy-to-follow and fun to read from beginning to end, so this is a book many will want to own or give to friends and family.

AUTHOR: Luna Kyung is a Korean living in Paris, France. She's the author of Easy Korean and The Art of Fermentation. Ahnji is a Korean illustrator and graphic designer who also lives in France.