Lamb's London:

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Inspired by Mick Herron’s ‘Slough House’ novels and Apple TV’s Slow Horses, this new map and guide dives into the murky waters of jaded spy Jackson Lamb and his retinue of MI5 cast-offs.

The London of Slow Horses is more than just a backdrop; at once grim and flash, oppressively surveilled and unknowably huge, the city is an integral part of Herron’s stories. Lamb’s London charts the real places used in both the books and TV show: the rundown parade of shops in Barbican in which Slough House squats; the bench by the Thames where Lamb and Diana Taverner hold secret meetings; Lamb’s favourite Chinese restaurant; the Marylebone cafe the opposition uses for dead drops, the hidden hideaways and pubs to which Cartwright, Standish, Ho and co. retreat to drown their sorrows.

Lamb’s London is an essential addition to the library of every Mick Herron fan, and for casual viewers it provides a thrilling real-life link to the most exciting and original spy drama of our time.