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Let's Make Letters! is a playful and informative workbook that encourages play, creativity, and even making misaktes along the way.

The book features instructional, speculative, and approachable exercises in an effort to build reader's skills, curiosity, and confidence. Creation of handmade letters by providing readers with more than fifty exercises to create their own unique letterforms. Let's Make Letters! includes exercises that range from simple lettering basics to the expressive and experimental - with imaginative prompts and tips to go beyond the margins of the book. Fail! Make ugly letters! Have fun! Designers, artists, scribblers, teachers, and students are encouraged to take up new and familiar tools to draw, depict, and distort letters in original and inventive ways. It's up to the letterer - pen in hand - to complete the book. By enabling letterers to draw, paint, tape, cut, and gluedirectly into its pages, Let's Make Letters! will fill a void in hand-lettering publications.