Little Horses

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An Australian conservation success story about seahorses, inspired by true events. Lyrical in style and featuring information pages about seahorses and the Seahorse Hotels Project.

‘Out in the bay where sailboats glide, little horses drift and hide...' Beneath the waters of a calm bay, seahorses hide from predators, feed on shrimp and raise their young in gardens of sponge, coral, and grass. But when a storm destroys their habitat, they are left with nothing to eat and nowhere to hide. That is, until a Marine Biologist comes up with a clever invention to provide them with shelter and food while the natural environment recovers. The little horses have a new home where they can thrive! Soon, tiny horses are swimming and the hotel is overgrown with coral and grass. Inspired by true events and including information about seahorses and the Seahorse Hotels Project, Little Horses is a conservation success story certain to inspire children to love and care for the natural world.