Magic Counting

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Discover the magical world of numbers, shapes, and geometry that surrounds you every day!

What if the way that we traditionally teach kids how to count misses the clear connections between numbers, shapes, and the world around them?

Nabeel Khan invites you to draw on your child's innate interest in geometry, patterns, and shapes as an intuitive and fun way to learn about numbers - starting their maths journey from a place of playfulness, curiosity, and tangible connection to their environment. We can find numbers and shapes everywhere- in the natural world, in art and architecture, in symbolism, and in the sky above us.

This approach is just as straightforward as 1, 2, 3, 4, but also provides kids the tools to see their world in a new way, and the agency to understand the fundamental connection between numeracy and geometry, changing their perspective for life.

Welcome to the world of magic counting!

  • Excellent gift for children who are more artistically inclined that will help them realise the exciting creative potential of numbers and geometry!

  • A brilliant tool for educators and librarians to help students to 'see' numbers and get curious about how mathematics offers a unique and mind-expanding lens with which to view our world.