Moleskinne Watercolour Pencils Set 12

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Colour yourself happy with Moleskine’s Naturally Smart Watercolour Pencil Set. This palette of 12 Watercolour Pencils, will help you to evoke feelings, thoughts and your memories gathered on the journeys of your life. Draw, sketch, paint and fill your day with colour.

Add water to bring a new dimension to your artwork. The colours range from hot asphalt black and woodnote brown - to sunset pink and popcorn yellow. Hold your breath as you explore plunging blue depths, or capture the fleeting reflection of dazzling pure white. Each shade evokes real emotions.

  • Designed in Italy
  • Crafted from FSC certified natural cedarwood
  • Quality 3mm lead with a water soluble core
  • Includes 12 water soluble colouring pencils
  • Belongs to Moleskine Art Collection
  • Square cross-section for a naturally inspiring grip
  • History of Moleskine inside
  • Presented in a sleek black tin

Tin dimensions: 18.5cm (l) x 2cm (h) x 11cm (w).

Set includes:

  • Pitch Black - hot asphalt
  • Woodnote Brown - natural tones
  • Maze Green - Explore. Get lost
  • Breathe Green - leafy, alive
  • Lift Blue - sketch up to the sky
  • Plunge Blue - the deepest ocean, the furthest star
  • Rave Purple - urban eccentric
  • Blush Pink - a rosy skyline sunset
  • Pulse Red - Stop. Think. Feel
  • Glow Orange - tangerine sunbeams
  • Shine Yellow - bright popcorn ideas
  • Dazzle White – reflections