Monocle Drehgriffel Pen Navy

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This looks a bit like a mechanical pencil, but it's not. It's a ballpoint pen - the Drehgriffel - created by Leuchtturm1917 for Monocle. The design is distinctly retro, because it's a revival of a writing instrument that was around in the 1920s.

'Drehgriffel' means 'twist stylus'. The hexagonal barrel is precision-milled aluminium and brass and coloured to match the Monocle by Leuchtturm1917 notebook covers. The barrel end employs a spring-loaded twist mechanism to extend the tip.

Dimensions: 127mm long, 9mm diameter, weighs 12g.

Supplied with a document proof ink refill in standard 'Parker-style' G2 configuration, so there is plenty of choice when it comes to refilling. Presented in a simple triangular giftbox with the Monocle branding.