MT Washi Paper Masking Tape

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Made in Japan by a team of people who are passionate about colour, print, and design, Masking Tape MT is the original washi paper tape that has propelled humble beige stationery into an innovative design object.

These unique single rolls of MT Masking Tape are available in an inspired range of original patterns and prints. It can be used for gift wrapping, book-marking, sealing envelopes, art and craft or attaching bills to the fridge.

Utilising the characteristics of Japanese rice paper, each Masking Tape roll is textured and can be written on, is easy to remove and does not leave stains, offering an abundance of creative and decorative uses.

Once you start, you'll find it hard to stop!


Note - The "Animals Non Removable Packing tape" designed for packing purpose. It has strong adhesive - please do not use it for temporary decoration because it is non-removable. All other variants are standard washi rice paper and easy to remove.