No Kiln, Handbuilding Clay Projects

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If you've ever wanted to get started in the craft of clay making, This book is the perfect place to start -- no kiln, wheel, or lathe needed. A complete, beginner-friendly guide that explains everything you need to know, this is an exciting resource that's filled with insight on setting up a workshop space, different tools and clays, common terms to know, and other clay-making basics. From there, more than 50 elegant but simple clay projects for the home, ranging from candlesticks and flower vases to plates, cutting boards, lidded jars and jugs are featured with step-by-step instructions and stunning photography. Also included are lots of decorative technique tutorials for modeling, coiling, printing, stamping, mixing, and tinting. Combining simple skills with an elevated design aesthetic, this craft book is a must-have for any maker and DIYer looking to try something new, easy, affordable, and fun.