Player vs. Player #2: Attack of the Bots

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In book 2 of this action-packed illustrated series, the best kid gamers return to the world of eSports and battle for glory at their first pro tournament. Perfect for young fans of Ready Player One and Mr. Lemoncello's Library.

Welcome to Affinity, the hottest battle royale video game around! Since winning the first-ever Affinity tournament, The Weird Ones are supposed to be on top of the world. Josh, Hannah, Larkin, and Wheatley have formed their own professional team and launched a popular streaming channel, and they're set to take eSports by storm.

But the kids have an awful secret- Wheatley is missing. And considering the threats he received before he disappeared, the other team members are worried. Plus, they keep getting matched with random players in-game who seem . . . disturbingly Wheatley-like? It's creepy. Sinister, even. And it's getting worse.

With their first pro match looming, the kids are running out of time. They need help, and fast-because without Wheatley, their pro dreams may be dashed before the game even begins.