Reed Concise Guide - Spiders of Australia

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This is one of the latest titles in our exciting new series of concise field guides. It is the ultimate keep-in-your-pocket guide to Australian spiders. It may be diminutive in size but it punches well above its weight in terms of usefulness, being packed with more than 200 images of all the species most likely to be encountered in Australia, including iconic spiders such as the huntsman, redback and funnel-webs.


For each of the 150+ main species accounts there is at least one photograph for identification and a brief written account listing key ID features, range and habitat, food and behaviour. The book covers all of the most common and widespread species likely to be encountered in Australia, along with some of the more unusual and scarce species to look out for.

The easy-to-use layouts and small size make it ideal for taking on days out or walks in the bush. It is ideal for beginners or wildlife-watchers of an intermediate level, and also for children as a first book on spiders.

In short this is a beginner’s guide to Spiders of Australia which is accessible the broadest possible audience. It will cover about 150-170 species, with each species given one page (1 image - possibly 2 with an inset pic - and c. 80-90 words per species) or one spread (2 images and c.120 words per species).