Reed Concise Guide: Trees of Australia

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This is the latest exciting addition to our growing series of concise field guides. The ultimate keep-in-your -pocket guide to Australian trees, it may be diminutive in size but it punches well above its weight in terms of usefulness, being packed with more than 350 images. The introduction includes chapters on two important groups of trees in Australia – the Acacias and the Eucalypts. The bulk of the book features 180 species accounts of Australian native trees and includes diverse groups such as eucalypts, wattles, casuarinas, conifers, melaleucas, palms, pandans, grass trees and even a treefern. Iconic Australian trees such as Red Cedar and River Red Gum are included, as well as many common species, popular cultivated trees, elusive trees of the rainforest, and a few species that deserve to become better known. For each species there is at least one photograph showing the tree and a brief written account listing key ID features, size, habitat and range. In many cases there are additional images showing other important features such as leaves, seeds, cones, fruit and bark. The easy-to-use layouts and small size make the book ideal for taking on days out or walks in the bush. It is perfect for beginners or nature-lovers of an intermediate level, and also for children as a first book on Australian trees.