Shinto: The Kami Spirit World of Japan by Sokyo Ono

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Japanese Shinto is the simple belief that the divine dwells in all things around us!

Shinto: The Japanese World of Kami Spirits is a concise guide to the fundamental elements of the Shinto religion — its rich mythology and symbols, intricate rituals, festivals, ancestral spirits, awe-inspiring architecture and a profound belief in the divine presence in the natural world around us.

Readers will discover here the pervasive influence of Shinto on all aspects of contemporary Japanese life and culture. From the hallowed shrines nestled in wooded landscapes to the vibrant tapestry of contemporary Japanese manga, films and video games featuring Kami spirits and characters — Shinto is ever-present.

This modernised classic, with new colour and b&w images and a new foreword by bestselling author Hector Garcia, reminds us of the intrinsic connection between humanity and nature. Shinto's reverence for the divine in all aspects of nature can inspire and guide us to achieve a more harmonious and sustainable future.