Song Bird - Drought Rescue

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Drought wreaks havoc in Outback Winton Queensland, Australia. Rosie, aka Song Bird superhero, must save the outback from the drought. Animals are dying, water's disappearing, dinosaurs are stampeding, and now Aunt Matty's kidnapped. Is Destructo behind the devastation? Song Bird follows a secret map to unlock a mystery. Can Song Bird rescue the outback before it's too late? Aunt Matty and Uncle Banjo asks Rosie and her friends to save Wallaroo Downs Sheep station from the drought. They arrive in the midst of devastation, and then Aunt Matty is kidnapped. Destructo, the evil environmental villain is back causing chaos, leaving clues at empty water holes and broken water pumps. Rosie (Song Bird) follows his trail to Combo Waterhole, Lark Quarry, Age of Dinosaurs and Opalton to solve the mystery. Song Bird must battle Destructo if she is to save Aunt Matty, her sheep station and solve the drought problem.

Valuable resource to empower children to become eco warriors, caring for the outback and the environment. Three protagonists, one bullied, one with a disability, one nerdy, use STEM science techniques to solve problems including water saving, solar energy, sustainability and ecology. Aligned with Kids Matter & STEM science.

Song Bird Drought Rescue won an Arts Queensland stART grant through BEMAC and Regional Arts Services Network. A.B. Paterson College, Gold Coast collaborated with us. FREE Teacher notes & Kid's activities at