Song Bird - Great Barrier Reef Rescue

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Rosie aka Song Bird, superhero must save the Great Barrier Reef. Something weird is happening on Green Turtle Island. Marine creatures have been dying, and now her friends are disappearing. Rosie travels through a time portal to unlock a secret.
Can Song Bird rescue the Great Barrier Reef before it's too late?

Valuable resource to empower children to become eco warriors and reef defenders caring for the Great Barrier Reef and marine creatures. Three protagonists, one bullied, one with a disability, one nerdy use STEM science to solve problems.

Great Barrier Reef Rescue supported by Australian Marine Conservation Society and Brisbane City Libraries.

Kid's activities at Kid's activities.

Aligned with Kids Matter & STEM science. In consideration for NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 2019 term 4 and other awards.

Received a personal letter of support from Sir David Attenborough.