Super Fun Art Activities for Kids

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Super Fun Art Activities for Kids introduces kids and their families to an amazing range of ideas for art projects that both entertain and educate. Teachers, parents, homeschoolers, caretakers, and kids themselves will find inspiration and instruction for art projects using all kinds of materials and techniques to create hours of edutainment for kids of all ages. Projects include drawing, painting, printmaking, paper, collage, and mixed media-all scalable for any age and fun for grown-ups too! Among the many art materials you will explore: watercolor, acrylic, ink, pencil, paper, charcoal, photos, gelatin printing, stencils, cardboard, fruit and vegetable printing, string printing, marker art, and more.

Simple, clear, illustrated instruction for each activity provides an easy entry point to each activity, creating confidence in creative skills that will make kids want to do all the activities again and again. Chock-full of amazing ideas, this book offers kids ways to explore creative expression every day of the year, whether working alone or in groups. Colorful photos provide endless inspiration. Open-ended ideas can be done over and over with new results each time. Great for groups, families, or alone time. Offers a range of projects that explore the full range of art materials and techniques that kids will love. A great resource for parents, teachers, camps, and kids that includes great ideas for art birthday parties and events. Full of ideas and inspiration, Super Fun Art Activities for Kids is an endless resource for creative exploration and hours of entertainment!