Ten Bedtime Poems Volume 2

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Candlestick Press offers completely unique and beautiful poetry chapbooks, which can to be given instead of a greeting card. The chapbooks are designed and printed in the UK on high quality, tactile paper and are packaged with a bookmark left blank for your message' as well as an envelope. People need only a stamp to send these lovely gifts on their way. The chapbooks are delightful and intellectually gratifying. They are objects of beauty and offer poems that are worthwhile, profound, and exhilarating to read. Germaine Greer chooses and introduces ten bedtime poems in the second in our series of bedtime poems selected by leading writers and thinkers. Her poems are all connected to a tradition of poetry about sleep (or lack of it). Some of them will be familiar to readers, but that ."does not make them hackneyed, because they are the real thing. Their mystery and their meaning grow deeper, not shallower, every time we repeat them."