That Self-Same Metal

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Swashbuckling, romantic, and full of the sights and sounds of Shakespeare's London, this series starter delivers an unforgettable story - and a heroine unlike any other.

Sixteen-year-old Joan Sands is a gifted craftswoman who creates and upkeeps the stage blades for William Shakespeare's acting company, The King's Men. Joan's skill with her blades comes from a magical ability to control metal-an ability gifted by her Head Orisha, Ogun. Because her whole family is Orisha-blessed, the Sands family have always kept tabs on the Fae presence in London. Usually that doesn't involve much except noting the faint glow around a Fae's body as they try to blend in with London society, but lately, there has been an uptick in brutal Fae attacks. After Joan wounds a powerful Fae and saves the son of a cruel Lord, she is drawn into political intrigue in the human and Fae worlds.

A sweeping YA fantasy trilogy debut, placing black queerness at the centre of Shakespearean London. Perfect for fans of Holly Black, Leigh Bardugo and J. Elle.

'Perfect for anyone looking for a fresh take on faerie magic.' Leigh Bardugo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Shadow Bone'

A groundbreaking addition to the fantasy genre..' Ayana Gray, New York Times bestselling author Beasts of Prey

'Every sentence will thunder through your bones.' Roshani Chokshi, New York Times bestselling author of The Gilded Wolves and the Aru Shah series

'Wildly imaginative and refreshingly diverse . . . taut with intrigue.' J. Elle, New York Times bestselling author of Wings of Ebony