The Cleaver Quarterly Issue 8

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Things you’ll learn from issue eight
How one foodie's visit to her local farmer's market stirred awake memories of a family legacy from colonial Shanghai. Why medieval Turks ate their macaroni with chopsticks. Imaginary recipes for mythical creatures. A simple takeout test to find the best egg rolls in town. How a humble pepper-taro stew from wartime China earned the name "Scorched Earth War Of Resistance." Ezra Pound's go-to Chinese spot in 1930s London. A 250-year-old ginseng teacake recipe fit for an emperor. The trouble with translating Chinese dish names into English. The next best thing to a dragon sandwich (hint: go to Hebei and ask for the donkey burger).

Featured contributors
Kian Lam Kho, Dianne Jacob, Paul French