The Ever-changing Earth by Grahame Baker-Smith

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A small boy imagines life on Earth when dinosaurs ruled, and the sky boomed with the wild beat of pterosaur wings. Then an asteroid fell, changing the world forever. If Kun could go back further in time, he would witness an even bigger collision, when the young Earth was struck by another planet, creating our companion moon . . .

The Ever-Changing Earth takes us on a spellbinding journey through Earth's incredible evolution, with its forgotten creatures, its buried oceans and its frozen layers. It leads us to Solveig, a little girl who lives far, far away from Kun, where she floats in a pool heated by fires at the centre of the Earth.

Following on from The Rhythm of the Rain and Wild is the Wind, Kate Greenaway award-winner Grahame Baker-Smith takes us on an unforgettable journey across our ever-changing planet Earth.