The Girl Who Heard the Music

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When one young woman recycled 24 tons of ocean trash to create the very first school of music on Easter Island, she proved that anyone can make a difference! Fans of Shark Lady will appreciate this incredible feminist story that empowers kids to use their passions to change the world.

The true story of award-winning pianist and environmental activist Mahani Teave and the beloved island she is helping to save.

Imagine living on a tiny island more than a thousand miles from any other inhabited place! That's where a girl named Mahani lived-on Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. Mahani grew up taking music lessons on the island's only piano. She had the talent to become a great pianist, but pursuing that dream meant leaving the home she loved.

As Mahani toured the world as an acclaimed concert pianist, Rapa Nui stayed close to her heart. She knew the island struggled with problems like ocean trash and wondered how she could help. So she returned to Rapa Nui with a new dream-to build a music school! The unique building is constructed with recycled trash and has solar panels and a food garden. Now Mahani is helping build a more sustainable future for her island home-where the music continues.