The Leadership Compass

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Award-winning diversity, equity and inclusion leader, Michelle Redfern believes that closing the gender leadership gap is not about fixing women. It is about providing them with a human compass to navigate their way to leadership success. Rather than change their behaviour, they need to learn the skills and gain the confidence required to reach their leadership potential.


The Leadership Compass is evidence-based, illustrated with the author s own experiences and those of others, and it provides a proven approach for readers to follow.


Many leadership books are preoccupied with the soft skills of emotional intelligence (EQ) and social intelligence (SQ) and, of course, Michelle covers these in her book. But she believes that many aspiring women leaders are missing the most powerful contributor and that is business intelligence (BQ). Women need to understand the financials and the metrics if they are to reach the highest executive levels in our organisations.


The Leadership Compass is a no-holds-barred look at leadership through the lens of the career of a woman who is, and always has been, a leader. It is essential reading for women at all stages of their career.