The Mind Strength Method

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What if you could turn anxiety into your superpower? A groundbreaking approach that has helped thousands by founder of The Anxiety Clinic.

What if you could turn anxiety into your superpower? Dr Jodie Lowinger - clinical psychologist, executive coach and founder of The Anxiety Clinic - is at the forefront of mental health practice and, in a world where approximately one in four people experience challenging anxiety, has directly helped thousands. Through her Mind Strength Methodology, and now in her first book, Dr Jodie offers a logical and practical toolkit using the best evidence-based techniques to:

  • overcome fear-driven thoughts and behaviours and turn them into empowered action
  • break free from being bossed around by worry and your inner critic
  • build a resilient, high-performance mindset.
Woven through with relatable case studies, simple diagrams and illustrations, The Mind Strength Method challenges the stories you've been telling yourself and helps you to move forward in your life with enhanced confidence, resilience, happiness and wellbeing. It is a go-to guide for anyone who feels they are caught in fight-or-flight mode and a must-read book in the midst of uncertainty.

About the Author

Dr Jodie Lowinger is a clinical psychologist, world-leading expert in anxiety, mindset and resilience, and CEO/founder of The Anxiety Clinic, where she has helped thousands of adults, children and adolescents with all levels of severity of anxiety, stress, mood and behavioural challenges. She received the University Medal for Psychology from UNSW, has completed post-graduate research in anxiety at the University of Sydney and has worked and trained at Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital and St Vincent's Hospital Anxiety Disorders Unit.

Dr Jodie is also a high-performance and mindset coach to global business leaders and elite athletes, where she helps them engage in mindset, performance and resilience strategies to succeed. Alongside her work with executives and organisations, Jodie is a go-to anxiety and resilience expert for school principals, teachers, parents, children and adolescents. She is on the board of several not-for-profit organisations including Gotcha4Life, boosting men's mental fitness and Streetwork, mentoring homeless teens to turn young lives around.