The Nomad's Guide to Taking Your Dog on the Road in Australia

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THE NOMAD’S GUIDE TO TAKING YOUR DOG ON THE ROAD IN AUSTRALIA is a complete guide to travelling around Australia with your dog and what you need to know before you go. Travelling with a dog means that everywhere you stop you are not only thinking of where to eat and what to see but trying to understand where you can take your dog too. Dog friendly attractions, dog parks, dog beaches, dog friendly cafe’s and bars. This book helps you nagivate your trip and be prepared before you go or while on the road. Filled with tips from previous travellers with a list of places to visit and camping, caravan and hotels that are available for you to take your fur child. Included are the rules and regulations that come with having a pet on the road. Read how to work within these rules so your holiday is just as rewarding with your dog on the road with you.